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In the 10th century AD, a prolific Persian polymath named Ibn Sina or “Avicenna“ to the Europeans, created a way to extract aromatic compounds from plant material. Today, this system of extraction is known as steam distillation. One of the plants that he first distilled was the infamous Rose x Damascena or Damask Rose. By steam distilling the rose petals, he was able to obtain two by-products, an essential oil and rose water. The concentrated oil was used to make attars and to treat health conditions and the rose water had a wide array of uses from culinary to scenting fountains of palaces and mosques. This led to the Persians exporting rose water along other commodities such as fine textiles and carpets to as far away as India and China in exchange for exotic woods, spices, and porcelain.


Olfactory Group: Amber Floral


Notes: Rose Absolute, Pink Pepper, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla and Benzoin


SKU: 0002
  • We only use the highest quality natural and synthetic materials from reputable suppliers in all of our products. The word synthetic in perfume is often misunderstood and gets a bad rep because it is manmade, but many of the strictest regulations in perfume come from natural materials! With that being said, Momento perfumes are not IFRA compliant as we do not want to be restricted by using inferior materials when there are far more superior ones. One example of that is oakmoss. We use a beautiful and natural oakmoss material in Hoi An and if we were to replace that material with a synthetic one like Veramoss/ Eveyleen the perfume would not be up to our standards. With that being said, we are always on the hunt for new and exciting materials, and if a new material comes along that is IFRA compliant and retains the characteristic of the restricted material we will gladly make the switch.


    WE RECOMMEND TO ALWAYS DO A SKIN PATCH TEST BY SPRAYING A SMALL SECTION OF YOUR INNER ARM AND WAIT TO SEE IF THERE IS A REACTION. DO NOT USE IF REDNESS OR IRRITATION OCCURS (Only a small number of people will show reaction) If a reaction occurs, stop using the product immediately and wash with soap and water to clean the affected area. If self treatment is not effective, consult your medical provider. Perfume is not for consumption. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.


    We, "Momento Perfumery", assume no liability for any claims arising out of the use or misuse of these perfumes. Keep all perfumes out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, have heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition that can be affected by essential oils or fragrances, please seek the advice of a health professional before using perfumes.

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